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Specializing in low voltage electronics, CRS offers a wide variety of products and services to meet your needs.


Low Voltage Premise Wiring

Fiber (indoor and outdoor) and Category 6, 6a, and 5e projects, WAP installation and cabling, data jacks, patch panels, rack layout and cable management, as well as IP cabling for other purposes as well as fiber optic work. Multimode and Singlemode fiber, 10 gig backbones between closets and between buildings. We specialize in Federal E-Rate projects for Schools and Libraries.

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Video Surveillance Cameras / Systems

Whether you are looking to upgrade antiquated cameras in a correctional facility or Courthouse, or add cameras to your home or business, CRS has the solutions to meet your objectives.

With a wide range of cameras, recording devices, and wired/wireless/fiber transmission media, we can provide a system to meet your needs, and scale the options to fit your budget and project timeline.

We utilize both legacy CCTV analog cameras and Digital Video Recorders, as well as IP Cameras and Network Video Recorders, with a full range of accessories and options available. All of our systems are capable of being accessed remotely on a mobile device, giving you peace of mind even when away from the office or home.

CRS frequently offers specials on our entry-level camera system packages, be sure to Like our Facebook page to be alerted to these opportunities.

We are an authorized reseller of Axis Communications, Milestone Systems, HIKvision, and LTS.


Access Control Systems

Physical brass keys are lost every day, and the overall building security can be severely compromised by even the loss of just one key by an employee. Not to mention, re-keying an entire facility is not cheap.

Access Control Systems allow you to maintain control of all of your doors and locks, by utilizing computer-based credentials including cards, PIN codes, and biometrics. In the event of a loss or breach, cards and/or users can be immediately suspended access, saving you time and money, while limiting risk to the facility.

Whether your facility is just starting off and you want to add your first door or two to your access control systems, or you need service and expansion of an existing large system, we can help.


Prisoner Transport Vans

CRS can take your new fleet van and upfit all equipment necessary to turn it into a fully functional jail on wheels.

Our services include sales and/or installation of Prisoner Cages/Partitions, HVAC Systems, LED Lighting, Onboard CCTV Video and Audio Surveillance Systems, LCD Viewing Monitors, Sensors/Alarms, Fold-down Steps, Two-Way Radios and Antennas, Window Tinting including Complete Blackout Service.

We also repair existing cages and perform maintenance on broken cameras, seat belts, and other items on these vehicles.

Please contact us to see what we can do to assist with your inmate transportation equipment needs.


Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA)

CRS can provide your facility with a Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assesment (known as THIRA), using template information  developed by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in Critical Infrastructure Protection. The THIRA reports will be generated after a series of on-site inspections of your facility, interviews with key personnel, and evaluation of risk levels present at your facility. This information will be utilized to project threat and risk assessment, risk mitigation options, resource investment estimations, preparedness planning, and other disaster management functions for your facility. These THIRA assessments aid in developing options for what DHS describes as the "the whole community—including individuals, businesses, faith-based organizations, nonprofit groups, schools and academia and all levels of government".Not only can CRS perform these assessments for your agency, we can also help implement some or all of the necessary security upgrades to help fortify your facility.

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Emergency Vehicle Upfitting

CRS has a long history of turning brand new fleet cars into fully-functional police squad cars. Our services include installation of lights, sirens, radios, antennas, equipment consoles, laptop computers, partitions/cages, trunk and SUV cargo organizers, in-car video camera systems, etc. We also add warning lights to Plow Trucks, Utility Vehicles, and Fire/Rescue vehicles.

CRS can install customer-provided equipment, or we can quote you a large selection of equipment to fit your particular needs.

We can accommodate any type of project, large or small, and we can perform services at our shop or on-site at your location. We also offer 24x7 emergency response for Service Calls.


Mobile Command Posts / Specialty Units

Our personnel have designed and built emergency communications, information technology, and situational awareness packages and deployed these into Mobile Command Posts and Emergency Communications Platforms.

We can create a solution for your agency or business to include recommending platform (truck or trailer) layout and sourcing, redundant communications backhaul options, voice interoperability, satellite voice/data connectivity, antenna solutions, workstation options, and videoconferencing / presentation systems all within the mobile platform.


Security Consulting

CRS has experts on staff with significant experience and background in the field of public safety, physical security, and low voltage electronic systems. If your organization is in need of consulting services to assist with determining next steps in your own security planning, we would be happy to help.

Please contact us with your unique project requirements / company security goals, and we would be happy to schedule a meeting to sit down and discuss how we can be of assistance.


Point-to-Point Wireless Links

We can help you connect two or more of your facilities with the low-cost one-time investment of a point-to-point microwave system. Avoid the costly monthly fees associated with fiber leasing, and own your own equipment!

Additionally, Point-to-Multi point solutions allow for a central base station to receive and transmit information from multiple sites, or even mobile platforms within your city or town.

Typical links can range from a few city blocks, to several miles between buildings.

Throughput on wireless links can be as fast as 1 GBps Full Duplex Ethernet, with higher speeds available soon.

We offer a wide variety of solutions, sizes, and speeds to fit your needs, including 5.8GHz unlicensed Ethernet links, 4.9GHz Public Safety band licensed Ethernet, traffic control links, SCADA backhaul systems, and many variations of long-range microwave.

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Tower Site Maintenance

We know many radio transmitter sites, including those for critical two-way radio systems, as well as cellular service providers, can go without a visit from a person for many months at a time. Therefore, CRS offers service agreements to take care of Tower Sites.

CRS will regularly go to the site, inspect the site for damage/vandalism, check all gates, locks, guy wires, and ground bars along with outdoor equipment such as transfer switches, generators, and ice bridges and cabling for any damage or vandalism. We will perform basic repairs and maintenance both outside as well as inside the equipment shelter, such as changing light bulbs, changing A/C filters, replacing broken locks, chains, or cords, checking for equipment status/alarms, and sending site status reports to the customer.

We will perform, upon request, basic maintenance and upkeep of emergency generators, to include oil changes and filter changes, coolant flushes, and other routine maintenance, as well as replacement of batteries in UPS power systems and 48VDC power plant systems.

We partner with a certified Tower Climbing firm, and can perform tower inspections, antenna replacements or beacon service at any time.

Please contact us with your unique requirements and we will be happy to discuss options for this service.



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